Fast Vegan Fudge, Truffles, or Pots De Creme
A decadent vegan chocolate treat you can make in the microwave!
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
6-9Minutes 2-4Hours
Prep Time
Cook Time Passive Time
6-9Minutes 2-4Hours
Orange Flavor
  • 2Teaspoons Orange Extract(I Use McCormick As They Do Not Use Grain Alcohol)
Almond Flavor
Optional – To Coat/Top
  1. Combine the chocolate chips and 3/4 of the can of coconut cream in a 1 quart microwave safe bowl.
  2. Place the chocolate mixture into the microwave. Heat on 50% power for 3 minutes. Remove and stir the contents, then return to microwave at 30% power for an additonal 3 minutes. Remove and stir once again. If smooth proceed to next step. If not return to microwave at 30% power in 1 minute intervals until smooth.
  3. Once the chocolate mixture is smooth set aside and return to the reserved coconut cream. Add the vanilla and other optional extracts to the remaining coconut cream, stir to incorporate. This step prevents the chocolate from “seizing up” and becoming grainy.
  4. Slowly stir the flavored coconut cream into the chocolate mixture until well incorporated.
  5. If your aim is fudge pour into a greased 8X8 pan and refrigerate until firm before dusting on topping of choice and cutting. Store in the refrigerator.
  6. If truffles you can leave in your mixing bowl and refrigerate until firm. Once firm use a scoop to form balls. Roll in coating of choice and store in the refrigerator.
  7. If Pots De Creme pour into small containers of your desired serving size (It is very rich so 3oz to 4oz is sufficient). Store in the refrigerator.
Recipe Notes
  • Feel free to experiment with other extracts and adjust to taste (mint, cinnamon, lavender, even pepper would be lovely!). If you find you need to add more extract remove a portion of the total mixture into a small bowl to add the extract to (again this prevent seizing and textural issues). Once smoothly incorporated add back to your mixing bowl. 
  • Should your chocolate seize simply add small increments of boiling water (or other liquid) and stir vigorously until smooth again.