A Letter To Lost Chances

To all the many dozens of "bad" doctors I have encountered. I am not angry with you because you failed to properly diagnose or "fix" me. I am angry with you because you gave up on me, gave up on my life and drive for my future, how you scarified my trust not only in medicine but in people because you never tried to begin with. (more…)<...

When In Doubt “Psych” It Out

Hypochondriac, Conversion Disorder, Anxiety, Depression all things people with rare disorders or unusual presentation are bound to be told they have at some point. True our horrible symptoms can casue psychiatric complications. Who wouldn't be anxious when your joints suddenly dislocate or you vomit at random and people keep telling you its all in your head? More

The Dreaded Acronym

For anyone who has been through long undiagnosed digestive issues you'll know these five horrible letters EDNOS. Which stands for Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified and at some point became the catch all phrase in gastoenterolog-ese for "I have no clue whats really wrong with you". Not that EDNOS isn't a valid diagnosis but it is frequently abused within the field of gastroenterology. We aren't some "greatest hits" cliche mashup of an anorexic controlling calories to control their life, ...