A Letter To Lost Chances

To all the many dozens of "bad" doctors I have encountered. I am not angry with you because you failed to properly diagnose or "fix" me. I am angry with you because you gave up on me, gave up on my life and drive for my future, how you scarified my trust not only in medicine but in people because you never tried to begin with. (more…)<...

“Dirty Words”

I had a bit of a flashback today. Intro to sociology 2009 junior college. The professor decided to open class with a series of questions. Do women deserve equal pay for equal work? Are women entitled to vote as much as men? Should women be allowed to own property or have their own bank account? The general consensus of the class thank goodness was yes. Then he asked how many of us considered ourselves feminists. Very few hands were raised, which was rather surprising considering how many answere...

Discussion Post 1 On Coping

Good evening! If you've found yourself involved in the Spoonie community whether that be through support groups, forums, Facebook, ect you might notice we can actually be a rather social bunch.When we have found others like us and a means to connect within our bodies limitations we are a force to recon with! (more…) More