Cook’s Nook – Easy Plant Protein Crackers

In my life where nausea reins supreme mild dry snacks must be kept at hand. Other than Graham Crackers I had never had much success.

One day in a fit of desperation I hit up Pinterest and hacked my way through dozens of recipes until I found some common ratios (flour/fat/moisture) and used that knowledge to create a gluten free and (mostly) allergy friendly option for myself.


Cook’s Nook – Sweet Potatoes For Sanity

Despite my gastric woes I still enjoy interacting with food. I make no claims of being formally trained or a "chef". My kitchen experience began in everyday places. Picking apricots from my Aunties tree to help her make jam, or chopping nuts for Christmas time butter toffee with my Grandmother. My tastes are rather "exotic" by compare to my family so as I grew so did my skills in hunting down and preparing recipes more to my palette. I am not terribly intimidated by experimentation, a good trait...